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Why do more and more people choose Polyester Geogrid?
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Why do more and more people choose Polyester Geogrid?

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Why do more and more people choose Polyester Geogrid?

Polyester Geogrid is a polyester high-strength warp knitted soil workpiece with high tensile strength, small tensile force, large tear strength and small longitudinal and transverse strength difference.

  • What is the main application range of Polyester Geogrid?

  • What are the advantages of Polyester Geogrid?

  • What is the necessity of using Polyester Geogrid?

What is the main application range of Polyester Geogrid?

The main application range of Polyester Geogrid is the reinforcement of soft soil foundations such as highways, railways, and water conservancy.

1. Polyester Geogrid is used for railway ballast protection: the ballast is lost due to train vibration and wind and rain. The geogrid is used to wrap the ballast to prevent the ballast from losing and improve the stability of the roadbed;

2. Polyester Geogrid is used for railway retaining walls: Geogrids are used for reinforcement of retaining walls on the side of the railway, such as platforms and cargo platforms in railway stations, which can extend the service life and reduce maintenance costs;

3. Polyester Geogrid is used for reinforced retaining walls: add geogrids beside roads and in vertical retaining walls to increase the bearing capacity of the retaining wall;

4. The foundation of the abutment is generally easy to sink downwards, and the phenomenon of vehicle jumping occurs. Paving the Polyester Geogrid under the foundation of the abutment can increase the bearing capacity and stabilize the abutment.

What are the advantages of Polyester Geogrid?

1. The laying and positioning of Polyester Geogrid is extremely simple and easy to level. The width is 2m-4m, the joints are few, can be connected through locks, and the construction period is short.

2. Large tensile force: Polyester Geogrid can reach 20-150KN in transverse tensile yield force per linear meter, which has been tested by transportation, water conservancy and other finished product quality supervision and inspection centers.

3. Small deformation: the elongation at yield of Polyester Geogrid is ≤3%;

4. High joint strength: Polyester Geogrid adopts fusion-cast joint type to connect the longitudinal and longitudinal ribs structure grid, its joint strength is high, the shear strength of the welded grid joint is ≥1.5MPa, and the ultimate peeling force of the convex joint grid joint ≥300N.

5. Long life: Plastic is a material for protecting high-degree steel wires and also a force-bearing material of Polyester Geogrid. It has the chemical properties of acid, alkali, and salt corrosion resistance. It has a scientific formula to relieve aging and performance. It is suitable for all kinds of sex projects and can be used up to Over a hundred years.

What is the necessity of using Polyester Geogrid?

As the road surface is exposed to the atmosphere, the asphalt overlay and the old cement concrete panel shrink and expand due to periodic changes in temperature, causing temperature stress. Because the stress of the old cement concrete pavement is not continuous at the joints, the asphalt overlay layer bears both itself and the temperature stress generated by the old pavement. Especially when the temperature in winter is low, the asphalt overlay layer is at the joints and cracks. At some places, the tensile stress is too large and cracks, forming a temperature-type reflective crack, which requires Polyester Geogrid to maintain on the road base.

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