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What is the meaning of Polyester geogrid?
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What is the meaning of Polyester geogrid?

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What is the meaning of Polyester geogrid?

Polyester geogrid is a new and good geotechnical base material for strengthening subgrade. Polyester fiber or polypropylene fiber is selected as raw material and warp knitted directional structure is adopted. The warp and weft yarns in the fabric have no bending state with each other, and the intersection points are bound and combined with fiber filaments to form a firm joint point and give full play to its mechanical properties.

  • What are the main applications of Polyester geogrid?

  • What is the meaning of Polyester geogrid?

  • What is the specific construction method of Polyester geogrid?

What are the main applications of Polyester geogrid?

(a) Polyester geogrid is used for various high-grade roads and railway soft roadbeds to strengthen and isolate different soil foundation materials

(b) Polyester geogrid is used on the river bank, and the embankment slope is strengthened and stabilized

(c) Polyester geogrid is used to strengthen and stabilize various foundations

(d) The definition of Polyester geogrid used to strengthen roads and bridges: Polyester geogrid is a two-dimensional grid or a three-dimensional grid with a certain height that is made of polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other high molecular polymers through thermoplastic or molding. The screen grid, when used as a civil engineering, is called a geogrid.

What is the meaning of Polyester geogrid?

1. Polyester geogrid has high tensile strength, low elongation, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, strong bite force with base material, light weight, and drainage effect.

2. Polyester geogrid is suitable for all kinds of high-grade roads, soft roadbed reinforcement of railways, and different soil materials for each road; reinforcement, isolation, and reinforcement of soft soil foundations for dams and river courses in water conservancy projects to enhance their protection capabilities and improve The bearing capacity and stability of the foundation; used for reinforcement of embankment slopes and retaining walls to enhance overall strength.

What is the specific construction method of Polyester geogrid?

Polyester geogrid should be laid on the coarse-grained stone of the asphalt layer of the construction pavement. The original pavement should be leveled first, and then constructed after finishing, trimming and cleaning. The ordinary grid requires special steel nails to fix the grid lap, and the joint is larger than The asphalt-treated geogrid shall be laid with a length of 5 cm and longer than 10 cm, and the asphalt-treated geogrid shall be sprinkled with as little bituminous oil as possible. The self-adhesive Polyester geogrid shall be used for construction. After being moderately compacted by a rubber roller roller, the asphalt mixture can be spread and compacted. No special steel nails are required for fixing.

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