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How much do you know about the polyester geogrid?
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How much do you know about the polyester geogrid?

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How much do you know about the polyester geogrid?

The polyester geogrid is used in areas such as roads, bridge wall warehouses, access roads, docks, dams, slag yards and other foundation reinforcements from soft soil, support walls and cracking resistance projects.

  • What is the need to use the polyester geogrid?

  • What is the difference between the production of polyester geogrids?

  • What are the properties of polyester geogrid?

What is the need to use the polyester geogrid?

1. polyester geogrid is used to protect the rail bulkhead: the bulkhead is lost due to train vibrations, wind and rain. The gravel is enclosed with geogrid to prevent the loss of gravel and to improve the stability of the underground;

2.Polyester-Geogrid is used for the rail support wall: Geogrid is used to reinforce the support wall next to the railway, e.g.

3. polyester geogrid is used for reinforced support walls: plastering of geogrid alongside the highway and in the vertical support wall can improve the load capacity of the support wall;

4. The backrest foundation can generally be easily lowered and jumped down. The positioning of geographs under the resistance foundation can improve the load bearing and stabilize the resistance bearing.

5. polyester geogrid has a high tensile strength, a high tensile strength and a strong binding force with soil and gravel.

What is the difference between the production of polyester geogrids?

Polyester geogrid is a square or rectangular polymer network formed by stretching. Depending on the different stretching directions in the production process, polyester geogriders can be divided into unidirectional stretching and bidirectional stretching. It is etched onto the extruded polymer plate (mostly polypropylene or high-density polyethylene) and then stretched under heating. The unidirectional stretch grid is produced only by stretches along the length of the plate, while the bidirectional stretch grid is produced by continuous stretching of the unidirectional stretch grid in the direction vertical to its length.

What are the properties of polyester geogrid?

Good effect: The melting-down joint structure of polyester geogrid improves the consistent interaction between grid and rock, limits the lateral displacement of the soil, increases the sustainability of the foundation, reduces the overall composition of the soil and improves the uneven placement of the earth. To improve the overall performance of the foundation, polyester geogrid can prevent tearing of the surface layer.

Low costs: Several technical examples show that compared to similar projects produced using traditional methods, an alleged earth project built with this material from polyester geogrid can save 10-50% of the costs.

Widely spread: polyester geogrid is a two-dimensional grid-like or three-dimensional grid-screen with a certain height made of polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other high molecular polymers by thermoplastic or moulding presses. It is used to strengthen soil slopes and prevent soil erosion, supports the stable greening environment of the grass plant mat on the side slope.

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