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What is the meaning of Fiberglass Geogrid?
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What is the meaning of Fiberglass Geogrid?

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What is the meaning of Fiberglass Geogrid?

Fiberglass Geogrid has the advantages of high strength, small deformation, corrosion resistance and long life, which can make construction more convenient and quick, so as to shorten the construction period and reduce the construction cost.

  • What should be paid attention to when laying Fiberglass Geogrid?

  • What should we notice when using the Fiberglass Geogrid?

  • How Fiberglass Geogrid realizes high-temperature rutting?

What should be paid attention to when laying Fiberglass Geogrid?

After laying the Fiberglass Geogrid, the rolls need to be properly rolled and stabilized. In order to avoid construction damage to the glass fiber grille, the grille is firmly attached to the original road surface, and the entry and exit of the mixture into and out of the vehicle is strictly controlled.

When the glass fiber is laid on the road barrier from the clay grating, it is necessary to cut the geogrid to avoid positioning with a knife. Fiberglass Geogrid is not allowed to be folded during laying, and sufficient tension is required during laying. Stack the ends of the stack for 75-150 mm to ensure stacking along the laying direction.

What should we notice when using the Fiberglass Geogrid?

1. When the rubber wheel roller needs to be injected with water to increase its weight, the water injection volume should not be too full to prevent it from overflowing to the Fiberglass Geogrid and causing its back and abdomen to lose its viscosity.

2. During the paving process of Fiberglass Geogrid, if it is found that there is a small pothole on the original pavement that has not been filled up first, the part corresponding to the pothole can be cut off on the paved grid so that it can be used when laying the asphalt mixture. Completely fill the pond.

3. When laying Fiberglass Geogrid, the temperature of the road surface is required to be between 5°C and 60°C.

How Fiberglass Geogrid realizes high-temperature rutting?

Asphalt concrete has rheology at high temperature, which is specifically manifested in: summer asphalt road surface is soft and sticky; under the action of vehicle load, the stressed area is dented, and the asphalt surface cannot be completely restored to before the load after the vehicle load is removed. Under the condition of the vehicle, plastic deformation has occurred; under the repeated rolling action of the vehicle, the plastic deformation has accumulated continuously, forming a rut. After analyzing the structure of the asphalt surface layer, we can know that due to the rheological properties of asphalt concrete under high temperature, there is no mechanism in the surface layer that can restrict the movement of aggregates in the asphalt concrete under load, which causes the asphalt surface layer to move. This is the main reason for rutting.

Fiberglass Geogrid is used in the asphalt surface layer, which acts as a skeleton in the asphalt surface layer. The aggregates in the asphalt concrete penetrate between the grids to form a composite mechanical interlocking system to limit the movement of the aggregates. Fiberglass Geogrid increases the lateral restraint force in the asphalt overlay, and each part of the asphalt overlay restrains each other to prevent the asphalt surface passing of the layer thus plays a role in resisting rutting.

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