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What do you know about the HDPE Geocell?
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What do you know about the HDPE Geocell?

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What do you know about the HDPE Geocell?

HDPE Geocell is a honeycomb three-dimensional confinement system, which can significantly improve the performance of common filling materials in load-bearing and insect control applications in a large range.

  • What are the product characteristics of HDPE Geocell?

  • What are the technical applications of HDPE Geocell?

  • What is the laying method of HDPE Geocell?

Load support Geocell

What are the product characteristics of HDPE Geocell?

1. HDPE Geocell can freely expand and contract and can be folded during transport. It can be stretched to a net during construction and filled with bulk goods such as earth, gravel and concrete to form a structure with strong lateral limitations and great stiffness.

2. The material of HDPE Geocell is light, wear-resistant, chemically stable, resistant to photooxidation, acid and lye resistance and is suitable for different soils and deserts and other soil conditions.

3. HDPE Geocell has a high lateral limitation and anti-slip, anti-deformation and effectively improves the carrying capacity of the road bed and distributes the load.

4. HDPE Geocell can change the height, welding distance and other geometric dimensions to meet different technical requirements.

geocell slope protect

What are the technical applications of HDPE Geocell?

1. Handling of semi-filled and semi-cut substrates

When building a slope on a slope with a natural slope steeper than 1:5, the dam round should be removed. If the width of Stage 1 m is not to be lower, if the road is gradually built or rebuilt and the road is widened, the connection between the new and the old ramp should be opened. When digging steps, the width of high-quality highway stages is generally 2 m, and HDPE Geocell is placed on the horizontal surface of each step, and the lateral amplification effect of HDPE Geocell itself is used to better solve the problem of uneven setup.

2. Road bed in sandy areas

In sandy areas, low embankment should be the main road, and the filling height is generally no less than 0.3 m. Due to the professional requirements of deep-sea construction and the high carrying capacity in sandy areas, the use of HDPE Geocell can hold loose compact masses. The height of the guarantee longitudinal bed has a high stiffness and strength to withstand the load of large vehicles.

What is the laying method of HDPE Geocell?

1) Laying method:

a. Lay a layer of road bed on the base of the horizontal fill-excavation junction. The bottom surface and the top surface of the road bed are laid with one layer, and the ends are anchored in the excavation steps. No less than 2m is laid along the full width of the roadbed.

b. The HDPE Geocell is laid in two layers at the longitudinal fill-excavation junction. The lower layer is set on the bottom surface of the road bed and the upper layer is set on the top surface of the road bed. HDPE Geocell is anchored within 5m of excavated roadbed and anchored within 10m of filled roadbed.

2) Open the starting end of HDPE Geocell and connect it with an anchor nail coated with anti-rust paint, and anchor it in the ground not less than 60cm. If necessary, increase the anchor density in the middle part according to the area of the geocell.

3) The horizontal paving method is adopted to make the width of each piece of HDPE Geocell correspond to the width of the embankment. Because the lateral strength of the cell is consistent, it is enough to keep it level during paving.

4) By adding weight (referring to the fixed filling in the HDPE Geocell at the side) or anchor nails, the cell can be positioned on a plane and will not move due to filling.

5) Check the HDPE Geocell for damage before paving. If so, the cell should be replaced immediately.

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Lianyi GeoCell for Slope Protection01


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