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Concrete Brushable Slope Protection Geocell
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Concrete Brushable Slope Protection Geocell

Lianyi Geocells Enable Road Construction Using Sand

Lianyi Geocells have a strong, 3D cellular structure, which can use sand to reinforce the base of roads, railways, ports and working platforms.


Concrete Brushable Slope Protection Geocell

road load support HDPE Geocell

Although sand cannot normally be used to construct a road, Lianyi HDPE Geocell is an innovative road reinforcement technology that enables the use of sand to reinforce the base of railways, roads, ports and working platforms.

A major advantage of our HDPE Geocells are their ability to utilize fine grained granular materials, such as sand to build roads (much like a pail filled with sand at the beach). The Geocells Cellular Confinement System of sand prevents lateral dispersion, limits strains and can increase the modulus of the sand to 300+ MPa. This enables the use of locally-available sandy soils to be utilized as structural infill for all types of heavy-duty and long-term flexible pavements, including heavy load support applications.

Lianyi Geocells have been shown to have the highest creep resistance and stiffness of any geocell – this means reliable performance, even when using poorly graded, beach and dune sand for infill, for the design life of the project. Lianyi Geocell reinforced roads from sand have been proven on all types of sand subgrade for the transport of heavy equipment and heavy haul trucks, and in the base layer reinforcement of container yards for ports, railways and road pavement types worldwide.

geocell reinforcement retaining walls


Lianyi is a leading manufacturer and supply in the geosynthetics industry,specializing soil reinforcement, road construction ,water management ,drainage etc products.


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