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Clear Brushable Landscape Geocell
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Clear Brushable Landscape Geocell

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Geocell Grid Panles are well known that an ideal soil material for use in civil engineering applications is one that compacts well and drains water freely. The problem is that the better draining soils are difficult to confine in place. Our Geo cellular confinement system provides a solution. It is being widely used in construction, such as highway, railway, bridge, dyke, etc.

Benefits of the Geocell Confinement System:
1). Reduce Fill Required: With the use of Geocell, fill quantity can be reduced by up to 70% while maintaining or improving bearing capacity. This saves time, transport, and material costs.
2). Eliminate Rutting: Prevent the lateral movement of infill. Lower quality fill materials can often be used since they are contained within the cells.
3). Support Heavy Loads: Improve the bearing capacity of subgrade soils and extend the life-cycle of the road.
4). Quick & Simple Installation: Easily installed without specialized equipment or crews.
5). Utilize Local Fill: Most local soils can be used as fill minimizing transportation costs and installation time.
6). Perforated Cells: Allow water to drain freely through permeable aggregates.

HDPE Geocell Cellular Confinement System
1.Welding distance 330-1000mm
2.Height 50-250mm
3.Thickness 1.0-1.7mm

1). To stable the roadbed of highway/railway.
2). To bear the load of dyke, retaining wall
3). To improve the watercourse of shallow river
4). To support the pipeline and sewer.
5). To be used as independent wall, wharf and breakwater, etc...
6). To be used for the regulation of the desert, beaches, river bed and river bank
Product Description
Lianyi Geocell
Material    Properties
Polymer Density (ASTM D 1505) g/cm3 0.935-0.965
Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ASTM D 1693) hrs 5000
Carbon Black Content (ASTM D  1603) % min.   1.5%
Nominal Sheet Thickness before texturing (ASTM D 5199) mm min.   1.27-5%,+10%
Nominal Sheet Thickness after texturing(ASTM D 5199) mm min.   1.52-5%,+10%
Material Compound   of   various  Polyethylenes    and   additives
Texture Polyethylene strip consists of a multiple rhomboidal indentations, over the entire strip on both sides of  the strip.The indentations have a surface density of 22 to 32 per cm2
Perforations Polyethylene strip is perforated with horizontal rows of maximum 10mm diameter holes. Cell perforations area is less than 12% of  cell surface area.
Cell/    Section   Properties

Property Unit GM330 GM356 GM445 GM660 GM712
Weld   Spacing mm 330 356 445 660 712
Cell  Depth mm 75,   100,   125,   150,   200
Expanded(±  3%) Cell   Dimensions Width mm 244 259 320 488 508
Length mm 210 224 287 436 475
Expanded(±  3%) Cell   Area cm2 250 289 460 1000 1206
Nominal(±  3%) Expanded   Section Width mm 2.44 2.59 2.56 2.44 2.56
Length mm 6.1 6.5 8.35 12.63 13.72
Nominal(±  3%) Expanded   Section   Area m2 14.9 16.8 21.4 30.8 35.1
Seam   Properties Cell   Depth
mm 75 100 125 150 200
                     Seam Peel Strength(EN  ISO   13426-1,Method  B:   Peeling  Test)
N 1065 1420 1775 2130 2840

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