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Black Brushable Road Construction Geocell
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Black Brushable Road Construction Geocell

Black Brushable Road Construction Geocell - Buy Black Geocell, Brushable Black Geocell, Brushable Geocell Product on The Lianyi Group

Basic Info

Model NO.: 50mm-200mm
Payment Terms: Fob or CIF
Trademark: Dageng
Transport Package: No Wrapping
Specification: 50mm-200mm
Origin: China

Product Description

Grey Color HDPE/PP Material Geocell

Product Introduction
Geocells are engineered for protection and stabilization applications. They are often used to help improve the performance of standard construction materials and erosion-control treatments.
Geocell products are three-dimensional, expandable panels made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polyester or another polymer material. 
When expanded during installation, the interconnected strips form the walls of a flexible, three-dimensional cellular structure into which specified infill materials are placed and compacted. This creates a free-draining system that holds infill materials in place and prevents mass movements by providing confinement through tensile reinforcement. Cellular confinement systems improve the structural and functional behavior of soils and aggregate infill materials.                                                                                     
Application Range
1.Used for solid highway, railway subgrade.
2.Used to withstand the load force of embankments and shallow water channel management.
3.Used to prevent landslides and load force hybrid retaining wall.
4.In case of soft foundation. The large room can greatly reduce the labor intensity of construction, 
reduce the thickness of roadbed construction speed is fast, good performance, greatly reduce the project cost.

Product Technical Specification
Item No. Height Weld Distance Thickness of  The Sheet Tensile Strength of Welding Points Tensile Strength of Connection of Cells Tensile Strength at Yield of Each Sheet
(mm) (mm) (mm) (N/cm) (N/cm) (N/mpa)
GS-50-400 50 330≤A<1000 ≥1.1 ≥100 ≥120 ≥20
GS-75-400 75 330≤A<1000 ≥1.1 ≥100 ≥120 ≥20
GS-100-400 100 330≤A<1000 ≥1.1 ≥100 ≥120 ≥20
GS-150-400 150 330≤A<1000 ≥1.1 ≥100 ≥120 ≥20
GS-200-400 200 330≤A<1000 ≥1.1 ≥100 ≥120 ≥20
Remarks: Width of the product can be made according to the customer's demand, and other special standards will carry out by agreement or contract.

Wrapping and Storage



Contact Information

HDPE Material Geocell


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