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Application Embankments and Soft Soils
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Application Embankments and Soft Soils

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Application Embankments and Soft Soils

Soft and Weak soils are always a concern on construction sites, however Lianyi can help overcome this concern with our expertise in working will many different weak subgrade and soft soil applications.

Lianyi's geogrid products interlocks with structural fill to provide a strong "mattress" foundation that significantly increases the stability over the weakest soil. This turns the weakest subsoils such as dredge spoil, swamps and saturated clay into a structural base to build over for surcharge embankements, crane pads, haul pads and more.


Constructing Embankments over Soft Soils with our Soil Stabilization and Reinforcement Geogrids

Our composite geogrids are an effective soil reinforcement solution

Our unique geosynthetic grids offer a 120 year design life and performance, allowing to reinforce embankments and other reinforced soil structures under various conditions, including the presence of soft soils with low bearing capacity. 

Our special high strength geogrids and geocell can solve the issue of embankment reinforcement under the following conditions:

· Soft or subsiding soils

· Filling of pile-supported embankments

· Construction of slopes with laying angle up to 70°

· Forming slopes requiring slides prevention

· Management of tailings and dumps

· Construction of gravity retaining walls of any configuration


Lianyi is a leading manufacturer and supply in the geosynthetics industry,specializing soil reinforcement, road construction ,water management ,drainage etc products.


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