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Product List
  HDPE Uniaxial geogrid
  Asphalt Reinforment Fiberglass geogrid(F'GRID)
  E Glass Woven Rovings
  Biaxial geogrid-PP
  PP Uniaxial geogrid(UX)
  Ultra-high strength Warp Knitted Polyester geogrid
  Non-woven Cloth
  Geogrid for mining
  PP Biaxial geogrid
  High-strength metal plastic BX geogrid
  Composite Geogrids
  HDPE Geomembrane
  Long silk geotextile
  Safety Fence
  E Glass Light Weight Chopped Strand Mat
  Composite geogrid
  Composite Geomembrane
  3D Vegetative Cover Net
  E-glass Fiberglass chopped strand mat
  Warp-Knitted Geocomposite
  Ultra-high strength Warp Knitted Polyester geogrid
  Geocell Room
  Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL)
  Polypropylene Fiber-Mesh
  PP Composite reinforcement with grid
  PVC Coated Polyester Geogrid
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Warp-Knitted Geocomposite
  Warp-Knitted Geocomposite
Ⅰ.The specification of our products:
Warp –Knitted weaving compounded construction fabrics is a new material which is made of fibe glass(synthetic fiber) and short fiber knitting fabrics.
Warp-Knitted weaving compounded fabrics is different from ordinary fabrics because of its crossing of the warp and weft is not flexible ,on its own straight way,The everywhere load is same,so ti improves the capacity of its tear resistant.
While warp weaving is compounding,use warp weaving thread to go through the warp,weft and the fiber of the short fiber knit fabrics again and again,and make three of them together,This product has the performance of very high strength low stretch and the performance of the knitting fabrics.It can be used in reinforcing the strength of the steel reinforcement,protection and isolation.Because of its solid materials and air holes are consistent,it can have filter performance,This product has a lot of function..It is the high level applide construction material all over the world.
Ⅱ.The performance of the products:
High strength,low stretch,the same stech capacity of the vertical and horizontal,tear-resistant,wear proof,pass through water easily,good conversely filter performance.
Ⅲ.Main functions:
Steel reinforcement,drainage,coversely filter,protection and isolation.
Ⅳ.Applied area:
a.Reinforce the steel reinforcemen performance in the foundation of the banks ,improve its drainage,conversely filter performance.In order to stop b.the foundation to be out of the shape,the bottom silted up and increase the speed of drainage to improve the stength stability.
Improve the bank side strength stability.
c.Tunnel,water tank,water level change,the erosion of the body and the drainage of the underground pipelines.
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