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Geogrid for mining
  Geogrid for mining

Geo-grid for mining

1. Introduction of the product

2. Characteristics:

1) High-strength: The tensile strength is higher than that of the diamond mesh, and it can replace the diamond mesh.

2) Innovation: Weave the high-strength material by the plastic and the mesh joint is firm.

3) Low extension: Low unit extension, average stress, and avoid the appearance of the tuck net effectively.

4) Light: Weigh about 1kg/m2. Reduce the labor intensity, improve the working efficiency, and simple to install and use.

5) Safety: Static resistant, inflaming retarding, avoid the appearance of the electric sparkle effectively.

6) Erosion resistance: Its plastic surface ensures long service life and no invalidation caused by the erosion.

Technical indexes of the Geo-grid for mining

Unit Using for intermediate ceiling Using for side protection net
Width m 1—3 1—3
Mesh size mm 50±4 50±4
Drawing force of the single mesh ≥N 4000 2000
Tensile stretch of the single mesh ≤% 5 5
Stripping force of the joint ≥N 50 50
Resistance of the product’s surface <Ω 1.0×109 1.0×109
Fire out time ≤S 10 10
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