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Product List
  HDPE Uniaxial geogrid
  Asphalt Reinforment Fiberglass geogrid(F'GRID)
  E Glass Woven Rovings
  Biaxial geogrid-PP
  PP Uniaxial geogrid(UX)
  Ultra-high strength Warp Knitted Polyester geogrid
  Non-woven Cloth
  Geogrid for mining
  PP Biaxial geogrid
  High-strength metal plastic BX geogrid
  Composite Geogrids
  HDPE Geomembrane
  Long silk geotextile
  Safety Fence
  E Glass Light Weight Chopped Strand Mat
  Composite geogrid
  Composite Geomembrane
  3D Vegetative Cover Net
  E-glass Fiberglass chopped strand mat
  Warp-Knitted Geocomposite
  Ultra-high strength Warp Knitted Polyester geogrid
  Geocell Room
  Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL)
  Polypropylene Fiber-Mesh
  PP Composite reinforcement with grid
  PVC Coated Polyester Geogrid
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Composite geogrid
  Composite geogrid

Composite Geogrid is geogrid and geotextile composite. The first composite form: Geogrid is self-adhesive glass fiber or polyester geogrid geogrid and geotextile is polyester filament geotextiles; second composite form: two-way plastic geogrid and geotextile composite.

Product characteristics:
Have high tensile strength, elongation is small, and vertical and horizontal deformation uniform characteristics. At the same time has high permeability, filter and excellent wear resistance
Main features:
Road subgrade strengthening, filter, drainage, protection, isolation

Engineering Applications: 
1, for highways, railways, airports, and other road enhancements. 
2, for the old road (asphalt pavement, cement concrete pavement) for the maintenance, such as widening. 
3, for the subgrade strengthening.   
Performance indicators :
120 G of geotextiles and 50 Kn glass fiber or polyester geogrid geogrid compound. Another: geogrid and geotextile specific models can be customized as required. Geogrid with a width of 1 m-6m.
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